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Acorn's extensive database of KOLs and HCPs helps to provide the latest insights into the healthcare segments

Our Approach

We bring a diversified group of experts to assist you with all the healthcare market research needs starting from the simplest to the most complex disease areas.

The solutions are met by different methodologies – CATI, CAWI, IDIs, questionnaire development, report & analysis. We have a conviction towards quality, therefore we are highly focused on selecting the target audience. Understanding the vast requirements and intricacy of the healthcare system, we supply solutions from the simplest to the most complex disease areas – infectious diseases, deficiency diseases, hereditary diseases (including both genetic and non-genetic diseases), physiological ailments, and terminal illnesses.

Med-tech Solutions

We have a med-tech specialist to carry out thorough market research studies with the purpose to build an understanding of the market insights, complicated landscape, brand awareness, pricing, reimbursement, market trend, and market growth analysis for medical devices and pharmaceuticals. 

Our Database

Our data is comprised of large hospitals- public, private, university-based, and clinics, diagnostic laboratories- commercial, stand-alone, university labs from both public and private categories, industry experts- giant manufacturing firms, distributors, advisors, government bodies to meet healthcare market research demand.

Our Experts

The respondents are wisely selected based on the subject requested and they come from reputed organizations. Our internal database is comprised of insightful KOLs (Key Opinion Leader), medical specialists, C-level executives, regulatory professionals, policymakers, Ministry of Health officials, and reimbursement personal.

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