Cosmetics Research

Acorn Research and Consultants bring quality and efficiency together. We are comprised of members who have a deep understanding of the cosmetic research segment as well as technical jargon.

We help in understanding:

  • Consumer’s behavior through surveys
  • Focus discussions
  • Face to face interviews
  • Exit surveys
  • Market size
  • Growth opportunities
  • Barriers
  • Current and future trends

Our mystery shoppers help in bringing the stores’ activities directly to the client’s table.


cosmetic showcase

With the impact of celebrities and the access to their lifestyles through social media, a sense of looking beautiful and staying confident has now become a widely accepted life pattern. This again prioritizes the need for knowing the customers. We assist our clients in making a clear picture of the current and future scenarios going on in modern lives. For building a better brand it’s always crucial to understand the pain points and the expectations of the consumers.